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New Orleans with GOLDEN

Lafayette Cemetery - New Orleans

So it has been over a month since I went to New Orleans for the GOLDEN Artist Educator Program and my mind is still buzzing with information and ideas.  

People always ask me if I went to art school, and I didn't.  I actually went to film school for animation.  So most of what I know and have learned with painting has been on my own, trial and error.  There are definitely some good aspects to that, but there are also some bad ones.  From teaching myself, I definitely have the specific supplies and tools that I know work for me.  I try new things, just not nearly as often as I should.  

GOLDEN Artist Educator Program - New Orleans

This program was amazing.  I finally was able to try the huge array of acrylics, mediums, gels, pastes, watercolors, etc that I always see at the art store but have never known where to start.  I learned just the beginnings of the possibilities that each product has and I can see the potential for more.  I haven't been posting too much art since I arrived back home, one of the reasons is because I have been playing around with all these products.  I love seeing what they can do, and how I might also use some of them in my own practice.  A lot of them might not be usable in my typical work, but I love experimenting and see the potential for other projects.  I am excited to play around and do work that is completely different from what I normally do, to just muck around.  

The program has also been great and it has given me a much better understanding of all the products so that I can help other artists.  What might not work in my work, could be an excellent addition to someone else's.

With all of this new knowledge, I am excited to start really diving into a lot more teaching and demos in the upcoming year.  I can't wait to show off everything I have in store!  

For information on my upcoming classes, demos and workshops, you can see them on my website or GOLDEN's website by clicking the links below.