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The Altar

This is a much long overdue post, but I still wanted to post about it.  A couple months back I released a limited edition print of my painting "The Altar".  This print is very special to me, as I have been donating half of the proceeds to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association).  They are a no-kill, non-profit dedicated to the rescue of cats in Vancouver.  They don't have a shelter, instead they work with a few hundred foster homes.  

I have been working with them as a foster parent to kitties for just over a year now, since my cat passed away.  It has been a very rewarding experience and has helped my heart heal with the loss of my cat.  The Altar is a beautiful tribute to loss and rebirth with the blooming cherry blossoms, which happen to be blooming very early in the season outside my window as I write this.  

If you want to know more about Vokra, definitely check them out!

"The Altar" is a limited edition, signed and numbered print.  It will come complete with a certificate of authenticity with a wax seal.  These are high quality giclée prints, on coldpress matte paper. 100% cotton fiber, acid free and archival.  You can get it from my etsy shop here...

Etsy - The Altar

Or if you live in Vancouver, you can get it directly from me for $40, no shipping cost if you pick it up from my studio.  Just shoot me an email.

Once these prints are sold out, they are gone for good, so make sure you get one while I still have some.

And of course I can't talk this much about cats without showing you some!  The following images are all the cats that we were lucky enough to foster last year.  Peach & Leeloo, Meep, Squee, Tig & Leo, Emoji & Hero, Fluffington & Gus.


100 Paintings in 100 Days - FULL VIDEO

Here is the full video that was put together documenting my 100 Paintings in 100 Days show that opened March 2015.  All the way from the beginning, following me to the exhausting finish line.  And celebrating at the opening in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988.  Enjoy! 

Special thanks to HUMANS who allowed me to use their music for the video.  Check out their new album Noontide!


100 Paintings in 100 days - Teaser

Here is a short teaser for my solo show at Gallery 1988.  The show opens Friday March 6th at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles.  

Music for the trailer is by the band Humans, their new album "Noontide" is out now!  

For the full 100 paintings video, you will have to check back after the show.


100 Paintings in 100 Days - The aftermath

If I could have put a pause on life and painted for 100 days straight, it wouldn't have been too hard of a task. But I guess that is half of the challenge. Try to stay focused while life throws a constant stream of good and bad at you.

Just before starting my cat wasn't feeling well. eight days in to painting we found out he had cancer. It was the saddest thing I have ever had to deal with and at one of the most stressful times in my career. Every day at work trying to concentrate when all I wanted to do was be at home with him. Trying to focus on work while watching him waste away. We tried a lot of different medications to help, but in the end it was too aggressive of a cancer. Day 50 of 100, the halfway point that I thought I would be celebrating, we had to take him in to put him down. He took a fast turn and was in too much pain that he couldn't sleep or walk.  I had to take two days off of painting to recover even though I knew it would put me more behind, there is no way I could work. My first day back at work after that and my aunt passed away. By then I was emotionally empty, the worst week of my life.  I hate that I had so much work to do at this time, but looking back, maybe it was good. It kept me busy and kept me going so I didn't just fall into a big depressing rut and not leave the house. 
Luckily not all of life's curveballs were bad during these 100 days. I was selected as the winner of Nuvango's back cover of hi fructose contest (my favorite art magazine). I had an awesome time at the culture crawl, meeting up with old fans and making new ones while hanging out with my studio mates and getting a few hours break from painting. There were also birthdays, and weddings, Halloween and day of the dead, and visits from friends and family.
The first time I did 100 paintings was difficult trying to balance work and painting, this time balancing life and painting. Luckily I have an amazing support group of friends and family that kept me modivated when I was feeling empty, gave me hugs when things were falling apart, brought me food me when I was painting too many hours to take proper breaks.  This show was possibly because of all of them. 
So the next 100 paintings in 100 days??  ...maybe in another 10 years!



Hi-Fructose back cover for Nuvango

I am very happy to announce that I was picked for Nuvango's contest and won having my art on the back cover of Hi-Fructose!

Hi-fructose is definite my favorite art magazine, and Nuvango is an amazing Canadian Company that puts art onto fun products (phone cases, laptops, etc). Check them both out if you aren't familiar.

Pick up the latest issue (issue 33) to see my work on the back cover, and read my interview with Nuvango here.


100 paintings in 100 days...10 years later...

Good news, I am having my first big solo show In Los Angeles early next year at GALLERY 1988!
For those of you who have been fans long enough, you might remember my first art show.  Those who are newer to my work, next year it will be the 10 year anniversary from when I had my very first art show and I completed 100 paintings in 100 days. For my 10 year anniversary show, I'll be doing it again!
In the last 10 years I have come a long way.  My paintings from my first show almost look like they were painted by a completely different artist.  The first time I did 100 paintings in 100 days, I had the complication of also having a full time job.  Although I will be able to focus only on the painting this time, my work has also gotten a lot more detailed, precise and takes much longer.  So I suspect I will still be working my ass off to create this series.
I will be starting day one on September 1st. I will be posting progress, as well as some sneak peeks of pieces along the way.  I know that working 100 days straight will be hard and I will most likely be a complete mess afterwards, but sometimes art is pain!
Some of the things to expect to see in these 100 days: Pretty girls, circus freaks, four eyed kings, ghost forest girls, a tribute to the lovely and gory art of Anathema Photography, some pieces inspired by Alli Wynn Photography, and some of my favourite alternative models.  I'm excited, nervous and can't wait to show you what I have come up with.


You can see progress and sneak peeks from...




This is what 100 wood panels looks like!  I can't wait to paint on these Trekell G.H.Simkins panels.

These are images from my first art show 10 years ago.  One of the original paintings and the original art display.



It has officially been 10 years since I made this little short film when Graduating from Vancouver Film School. Although I didn't stick with animation for too many years, it is still fun to look back on and see how far I have come.  (Sorry the video is a little dark!)



The Culture Crawl

This year was my first year participating in Vancouver's East Side Culture Crawl.  I'm so glad that I could finally be a part of it.  I'm usually a spectator, but this year since I recently moved into my new studio space at Triumph Ant Studios I finally got to be a part of it.  It was so nice to meet new fans, catch up with the fans that have been with me for years, and have a weekend of hanging out with my studio mates.  
Here are my studio mates that also participated in the Crawl 

A big thanks to the Georgia Straight for doing an awesome little write up on my work.  It reads…
Hearts, surf, and skulls emblazon jewellery at the Crawl
Artist Megan Majewski describes her work best when she dubs it “cute ’n’ creepy”. She’s best known for her bizarre paintings of zombie girls, who now haunt vintage-look, ornate oval-frame pendants under hand-poured resin. 
Must-Have Piece: Check out the vampire-like Violet portrait. The Ringmaster Skull Necklace, with his candy-cane-striped tophat and a bony hand hanging from the delicate chain, is eerily excellent, too. 
Target Crawler: Low-brow-art nuts and Evanescence fans with a Tim Burton fixation.

Here is what my little space looked like during the crawl.

Thanks again everyone who had a chance to drop by!


Black Raveness painting

Here is a short little video of a painting I did for part of my "Beautiful decay of life" art show.  I start out with an acrylic base to get something down fast.  Then all the rest was completed using Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colors.


Art by Me!

Music by HUMANS "De Ciel"

Video by Jason Irish

Cobra Oils


Playstation themes

If you have a Playstation, you can now get my art as a theme from the PS online store. As a collaboration with Disruptive Publishers, my paintings are brought to life with a bit of animation.  Go check them out, there will be even more released soon!