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The Altar

This is a much long overdue post, but I still wanted to post about it.  A couple months back I released a limited edition print of my painting "The Altar".  This print is very special to me, as I have been donating half of the proceeds to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association).  They are a no-kill, non-profit dedicated to the rescue of cats in Vancouver.  They don't have a shelter, instead they work with a few hundred foster homes.  

I have been working with them as a foster parent to kitties for just over a year now, since my cat passed away.  It has been a very rewarding experience and has helped my heart heal with the loss of my cat.  The Altar is a beautiful tribute to loss and rebirth with the blooming cherry blossoms, which happen to be blooming very early in the season outside my window as I write this.  

If you want to know more about Vokra, definitely check them out!

"The Altar" is a limited edition, signed and numbered print.  It will come complete with a certificate of authenticity with a wax seal.  These are high quality giclée prints, on coldpress matte paper. 100% cotton fiber, acid free and archival.  You can get it from my etsy shop here...

Etsy - The Altar

Or if you live in Vancouver, you can get it directly from me for $40, no shipping cost if you pick it up from my studio.  Just shoot me an email.

Once these prints are sold out, they are gone for good, so make sure you get one while I still have some.

And of course I can't talk this much about cats without showing you some!  The following images are all the cats that we were lucky enough to foster last year.  Peach & Leeloo, Meep, Squee, Tig & Leo, Emoji & Hero, Fluffington & Gus.