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Playing with paint. My experience with Cobra paints.

Originally an acrylic painter I have never been 100% happy with acrylics or oils.  There were things I liked about both mediums, but also things I didn't like about both.  I have been playing around recently with Cobra Water Soluble Oil paints and so far have been very happy. They are the closest I think I will get to a happy in between of acrylics and oils. They dry faster than oils but nowhere nearly as quick as acrylics. They technically are oils, so they feel creamy and look rich.  Not having to deal with solvents or linseed oil, I don't have to worry about toxic fumes or smell.  Having my studio in my apartment, this is a must.

Another thing I like is how they can be mixed with water. I have found this also speeds up the drying time.  I have also been able to get some interesting effects mixing the paint with water.  I have played around with using acrylics with these paints as well. can paint oil over acrylic but NOT acrylic over oil.  I enjoy this method of using acrylic as a base so I can get a base color or rough in the background really quick then be able to paint in oils overtop right away.

I notice that I paint a lot different with oils than I do with acrylics. When I am painting with acrylics I am painting so fast to try and paint the section I am working on before it dries that I don't have as much time to think. I also can't go back and blend because it is already dry. Having more time means I can think things through more. This adds more color, shape and depth to my work.

I have free mini samples for anyone wanting to give them a try.  I will have them at my next art show this coming August.  If you want more info on these paints and want to see them in action, keep your eyes peeled for possible live demos by me coming up. Sign up for my mailing list for notifications.  

You can also check out the Cobra website for more info.